Mesh Abrasive cloth

Mesh sand cloth belt -S/C carbonized carbide

This product is a patented product unique to Igali. The mesh sand cloth ring is different from the traditional sand cloth ring cloth in that it can reinforce the shortcomings of traditional sand cloth ring cloth. Generally, the traditional sand cloth ring belt is ground after grinding for a period of time. The scraps are covered with sand on the sand cloth, causing the grinding force to drop and cannot be used. However, due to the lattice mesh hole, the mesh of the mesh cloth of our company is not easy to be covered with the sand surface, so the grinding time is longer than the traditional sand cloth ring belt by 3~5 times, and the cutting force is also larger than the traditional one. emery cloth.

This belt is made of S/C (tantalum carbide) suitable for hard objects such as rough, artificial stone, glass, cast iron, copper, leather, agate, ceramics, etc.